Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thunderdome, via Snapchat

Today is the last day at Thunderdome for many of my colleagues. I was thinking about writing a weepy post ... This seemed like so much more fun, though.

This is the gang, and this is how great they are. 

We didn't actually eat his birthday cupcake. 

The request for Halloween snaps.

Request met. 

Being a remote staffer working from her living room didn't stop Amber from dressing up to attend our news meeting via Hangout on Halloween.

Selfie with remote staffer Matt Grisafi when he visited the 'dome.

They really are the best.

Amber's joke to Ryan when he took a vacation.

There aren't taxis where Kelly lives.

This was a very lively discussion.

Little known talent of Jessica Glenza: Photobombing.

Snapchat became a huge part of how we connected with each other.

Jessica Glenza photobombing like a pro.

We were really excited when the Broncos got into the Super Bowl. Because, Denver Post.

We were rooting for San Francisco to get in, too. Because, BANG (Bay Area Newspaper Group).

Only the Broncos got in. Kelly was ready to be the super fan.

She ended up being a super sad fan.

Folks, meet Mike Topel, master of selfies and photobombs. (Also, the great leader of our news team)

After we heard Thunderdome would disband ... 

Amber nails the stressed-out-hair-pulling-selfie EVERY TIME.

Dressed-for-interview-selfies started soon after the news.

But sometimes we just got excited about food.

And sometimes we just sent each other ridiculous selfies sporting amazing eyewear like this one, from Mandy.

Jessica Glenza. Enough said.

Wigs make us laugh. Laughing helps us cope. Thanks, Kelly!

Some of us got to interview at amazing places.

This photo seems appropriate here, but the truth is: This is Meg encouraging me to do laundry.

After one of us got a great new job. 

We have fun wherever we go and whatever we do.

The DC team came to visit once more.

Ryan doing the DC-NYC trip.

What I woke up to this morning.

Team spirit 'til the end. 

The snapchats below are not from today, or even yesterday, but they really sum us up. 

Sad face.

But, this: 

We may not all be working together tomorrow, but we'll keep making each other smile. Thanks, Snapchat.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The pursuit of true love is mostly inescapable

There’s a giant chalkboard wall around the corner from my apartment that asks people to finish the sentence: Before I die I want to
I took a friend there not too long ago.
“We’re doing this,” I told him.
My answer was more or less a materialistic want. “Live in a Park Slope brownstone,” I wrote.
I painstakingly wrote out my too-long-for-the-space-allotted answer while he quickly and decisively jotted his.
“Find true love,” he wrote.
Isn’t that the truth? And I made not a mention of it, as I am wont to do, because the emotion of that pursuit is one I’ve been avoiding since the day I decided to get divorced.
I felt like I had to be at peace with the idea that maybe true love wasn’t in the cards for me. That my dreams and goals needed to be rooted in other pursuits, and maybe if I were lucky, I’d stumble into love again.
I had hope, but not belief.
Time has passed now and I’m coming to grips with the idea that the pursuit of true love is mostly inescapable.  
We can be successful in our careers and stack up accomplishments and accolades, but at the end of the day, we all have that basic want to love and be loved.
I made such a big leap for the sake of saving my heart, but then I dropped the ball. I’ve overthought and overanalyzed every emotion, turned cold at the thought of warmth and ran from the spark of a feeling.
And then I wonder why I’m unhappy.  
I am an idiot.
So here’s a nod to my friend. May we all be so open as to acknowledge what we want, and brave enough to let our hearts take the lead in getting us there.
I’m going to work on that.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I met the real-life Barney and this is what happened

Warning: This entire post is super offensive. Just sayin'

Ah, real-life Barney. If you’ve never seen HIMYM before, Barney's character is described as a "serial womanizer." I am not talking about the dancing dinosaur dude.

How I met real-life Barney
On a dance floor in Williamsburg, about this time last year. I was a little tipsy and I gave him my phone number before my roommate and I left for home. He was a voice coach and a singer in a band, he said … don’t judge me. I can feel you judging me.

The follow-up
He texted the next day and invited me out. I had plans, but he kept texting and eventually I had a free night. The invite was to see his band play. I dragged my roommate along and went.

Oh, so he’s a douchebag
He didn’t quite remember me, but worse — I wasn’t the only girl he’d invited there. I watched his band play. They weren’t that good. Then he spent the night draped over a girl who looked to be about 18 (he was 30ish). Luckily, the band that played after his was a kick ass female punk band. I stayed for that, because, kick ass female punk band. I left without saying goodbye and figured he wouldn’t be offended. Or notice. He didn't.

And then …
He kept texting. Not right away, but maybe after a month or so. The messages were always “Hey Karen, my band is playing at …”  I’d deleted his number, but no worries, he signed his texts. Another month, same thing. By the third month, I realized there was a pattern — all the texts were invites to see his band play and it seemed like he was copying and pasting these messages, probably to every girl who’d ever been unlucky enough to give up a phone number. Eventually he forgot to change the name he was addressing it to and I got a text addressed to some other girl, but same ol’ invite.

I ignored every single one of these text messages for a year … until Sunday.

With a little help from my friends
My new roommate, Ross, and our coworker Beth were out to dinner when the latest text message came over. “Ugh, this guy,” I complained to them. I told them the story of how I’d met the real-life Barney, and Ross was determined to drive him away.
Ok, and maybe we had a little fun in the process.

Just to confirm his douchiness
We gave the wrong name and made up a fake band name in an attempt to confuse him.

Douchiness confirmed.

We pretended to confuse him with a guy of a completely different race

He decided to clear up the confusion by sending a picture. It was a very bro-looking profile shot. I should just post it here, but I'm not a total douchebag.

Ross really channeled his inner drunk girl

Pretty sure he's lying — and enthusiastically, thanks ALL CAPS — about the full time singer bit.

We went all out working the slut angle …

Whoops, this guy digs sluts. 

Hmm. Maybe if Kelly implies that she’s worried about having an STD …

Can't shake this one with the threat of an STD.

He asks for a picture. Google, deliver unto us a pregnant girl selfie in a public restroom.

Gawd I love the Internet.

Just when we thought we had him …
Google, deliver unto us a chick with hairy legs

Google delivered, but hairy legs didn't deter him. He thinks Kelly — pregnant, STD-ridden, pro-leg hair and all — is coming to his show this week, and he's excited about it. 

I’m pretty sure that makes him worse than Barney.